Welcome to Trek.

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Welcome to Trek.

Post by D.K. on Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:21 pm

Welcome to Trek.  ..

In the streets of the night a war is going on. The people lie in their beds with no worries because of the Tamers of team X and their Megalon. Ancient Creatures who team with humans to protect the world from those who seek to destroy all of humanity and enslave the human race.

This city is filled with technologies and magic beyond any in the current time. The year is 4056 and the human race have advanced using the power of alchemy. It energies run deep into the core of the planet. This act happened in 3413 which the people call "The Great Swin" this is when the earth was exposed to Megalonites. It transformed it's atmosphere and it's wildlife became what are now known as Megalons. Some humans where able to control these creatures and seeked to destroy the world. One generation of Tamers rose up and fought against the Evil. They battled the for years and finally they succeeded and the world was in peace for a time. The Megalon went into hiding. Soon the people forgot about them. Now the fight is hidden from the people. Passed down from generation to generation. The power if the Megalon is hidden in families across the world.

Welcome to the city of lights draped in shadows.

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